Ref’s explanation of Tom Brady roughing the passer penalty is infuriating

Jerome Boger defends easily the worst call of the 2022 NFL season by saying Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett threw Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady to the ground “unnecessarily” on a critical third-down sack.

Congratulations, Jerome Boger! You are now the most hated man in the city of Atlanta.

While it is hard to get every call right as a referee, Boger made an absolute mockery of the roughing the passer penalty to screw the Atlanta Falcons over big time. On a critical third down late in the game, Falcons star defensive tackle Grady Jarrett had what should have been a huge sack of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Too bad the NFL is undeniably fixed…

Everybody at home watching the game on FOX saw Jarrett make a huge play for his team.

For Boger to say that Jarrett “unnecessarily” threw Brady to the ground is a fireable offense.

Does this look like a vicious takedown of a quarterback or just a great play by a defensive tackle?

Atlanta’s upset bid of the Buccaneers came up short after this brutal call, falling 21-15 to Tampa.

Good call by Jarrett to not speak with the media afterwards because he got absolutely robbed!

Jerome Boger makes the worst call of the NFL season and possibly of all time

Of course, he will get off for this officiating catastrophe. Only Brian Ferentz of the Iowa Hawkeyes has better job security than some of these buffoons Roger Goodell employs as zebras. Did Atlanta deserve to win this game? No, because Marcus Mariota is not a good quarterback and Brady is The GOAT. However, you cannot ruin a game in this manner unless you are being paid under the table.

This was one of those officiating meltdowns you would see being made fun of on an Allstate or Southwest commercial. Halloween might be happening later this month, but would it shock you if Boger had his house egged and trees in his front lawn TP’ed like Auburn won a big game for the rest of October? Let’s not condone these type of shenanigans, but mischief must be managed!

The shame in it all is Jarrett is the Falcons’ best player. He is a future Ring of Honor guy, arguably a top-10 player in the history of the franchise, just like his father, Jessie Tuggle. Had Kyle Shanahan not mailed it in in Houston, Jarrett would be your Super Bowl 51 MVP. He sacked Brady three times in the game every Falcons fan will be tortured about for the rest of time. Come on, man…

While Atlanta has overachieved to be 2-3 under Arthur Smith, it is hard to beat a more talented team when the officials have it shamelessly in the bag for the opposition. The NFL would rather see a declining Brady bow out in the NFC Wild Card round in January than allow the woebegone Falcons to be this year’s Philadelphia Eagles. At least Atlanta gets Tampa Bay at home later on…

Boger and his crew are not going to be held accountable for this, but this was utter incompetence.

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