Aaron Rodgers criticizes Packers after loss in London

Aaron Rodgers sounds none too happy with the Packers

The Green Bay Packers killed themselves in London on Sunday. While the New York Giants absolutely played a respectable game, the Packers didn’t even go to the run game despite having one of the league’s best running backs at their disposal.

Aaron Jones was already critical of the curious game plan to not run the ball on 3rd- or 4th-and-1 on a critical set of downs late in the game, and now Rodgers is piling on with critiques of the team.

H/t to NBC Sports, here’s what Rodgers said to Madison.com:

“We need to handle adversity a little better. We’re a little bit of a roller-coaster team at times,” Rodgers said, via Jason Wilde of Madison.com. “Our best teams have been more steady, so we’ve got to find that rhythm and that steadiness. The biggest issue — and again, I wish I had this perfect answer or explanation of this — we haven’t played consistent football in all three phases, and the margin of error for us in winning is small. So, we have to make those plays, especially when you’re playing against a good football team — and the Giants are a good football team. I’ve got to make the throws that are necessary, we’ve got to come up with the catches, we’ve got to run the ball, we’ve got to force some turnovers on [special] teams or on defense. When we get those opportunities, we’ve got to make those plays. We’re just not sharp enough yet to have a wider margin of error.”

It’s critical, but in fairness, it’s not quite scathing. It’s a pretty reasonable and flat assessment of what the Packers have been this season. Outside of the comment on adversity, it’s actually kind of generic.

The Packers are rumored to be one of Odell Beckham Jr.’s possible destinations, an offensive addition that would certainly add a layer of dynamism to the offense. But in general the Packers do just need to do things better. Scheme, execution, it’s clear that the 3-2 team is not quite setting themselves up for opportunities they need to grab hold of.

Aaron Rodgers has already put his future in Green Bay in question

Rodgers is generally pretty cryptic, but comments about the team have people thinking that he might not be back next year, whether that means retirement or otherwise.

Though his career is probably winding down at this point, he’s in a class of quarterbacks that are still playing at an elite level even with some age behind them. A four-time AP MVP, he most recently won the prestigious honor in 2022. Clearly, if he wants to compete he still can. It may just be a matter of whether or not he wants that to be in Green Bay.

Remember, the Packers roster Jordan Love, who saw his first start last year. His play thus far has been underwhelming and he’s far from a failsafe if Rodgers does decide to call it quits with Green Bay or football altogether after this year.

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