Reddit user’s insane claim would be Panthers worst nightmare

Could the Panthers select Will Levis No. 1 in the NFL Draft? One reddit user’s claim, which is completely unverified, has Vegas freaking out.

The NFL Draft could go any number of ways come Thursday, but the Carolina Panthers shocking us all to select Kentucky quarterback Will Levis was not on my Bingo card.

Levis has all the raw talent to be a tremendous NFL quarterback. Unfortunately for him, he did not show much of it last season in Lexington, where the majority of his passing touchdowns came against non-Power 5 opponents and he struggled in the SEC.

Levis is the QB prototype NFL scouts look for, but one would hope they’ve matured in the last several decades to know that quarterbacks don’t necessarily need to have the same measurements to be successful. Social media hopped on the Levis-to-Carolina bandwagon this morning.

NFL Draft: Could Will Levis go No. 1 to Carolina Panthers?

The odds of Carolina selecting Will Levis have jumped immensely in the last 24 hours, as Betsided’s Reed Wallach noted in his morning column:

“Early this morning, bettors weighed in on the No. 1 pick market with a flood of money coming in on Kentucky prospect Will Levis to be selected first, not Bryce Young who has reached as high as -2400 in recent days.

Levis, who has gained traction as a candidate to go No. 2 overall, currently held by the Houston Texans, is now the second choice to be chosen No. 1 by the Carolina Panthers. It appears that the steam that generated this significant line move form +6000 to +500 originated from this Reddit post (among other wagers).”

Levis has been compared to Bills quarterback Josh Allen by some NFL scouts, though Allen’s leap from Wyoming to the pros was unprecedented.

Carolina is far more likely to select Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud despite the noise around Levis at the moment.

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