Radio call of Cardinals game-winning fumble return is elite stuff

Dave Pasch gave us the greatest game-winning fumble return call on Arizona Cardinals radio.

When you think of Dave Pasch you think about two things: Calling Pac-12 basketball games with the greatest human being of all time in Bill Walton and doing Arizona Cardinals games over the radio.

In a game where Arizona had no business winning whatsoever, the Cardinals did just that. Kliff Kingsbury’s defensive back Byron Murphy did more damage on the football field than Ryan Gosling ever did playing for Coach Herman Boone in Alexandria, Virginia back in 1971. We didn’t have to Remember the Titans, only that when you see red, good things happen in the The Valley.

Pasch has never been this excited before in his life, watching Murphy run away from the Silver and Black like he wish he could Bill Walton…

Dave Pasch paints a beautiful picture with his voice on Cardinals’ game-winner

This was a season of huge expectations for the Cardinals. They made the NFC playoffs a year ago, but looked like dog food vs. the eventual Super Bowl champion and division rival Los Angeles Rams in the Wild Card round. Kyler Murray stunk to high heaven in that January, but not today, Satan. He was scrumtrulescent in his diminutive quarterbacking ways. What a day to be 5-foot-9!

You can hear the pure, unadulterated joy emanating from Pasch’s voice box. It was so authentic and transcendent that you can hear it beyond the cacophony of Black Hole batteries clanging on the domes of the Cardinal dudes’ helmets. Even if the Raiders lost in heart-breaking fashion, just know that their owner Mark Davis is having himself a good time at the local P.F. Chang’s right now.

Ultimately, you are never going to see your favorite team win like that on the road in overtime. The Cardinals were the epitome of ass for the better part of this game, yet they just stole one from the Raiders. No Holy Roller, Sea of Hands or Ghost to the Post was going to save them this time. This was the regular-season equivalent of the Immaculate Reception. By the time I get to Arizona…

In a Week 2 afternoon slate defined by utter madness, the Cardinals brought the noise! Yeah, boy!

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