Did Raiders get screwed on Byron Murphy’s game-winning fumble return?

Las Vegas Raiders fans are now wondering whether or not Arizona Cardinals cornerback Byron Murphy really scored a touchdown as he crossed the pylon. 

This afternoon, two professional sports teams owned by Mark Davis played: the Las Vegas Aces in Game 4 of the WNBA Finals, and simultaneously, the Las Vegas Raiders when they hosted the Arizona Cardinals at Allegiant Stadium.

The good news is that the Aces won their first WNBA championship in franchise history, and a beaming Davis presented team awards as he glowed over this major victory.

The bad news? His NFL team wasn’t as lucky today, losing 23-29 in overtime and starting off their 2022 season with a record of 0-2.

What’s worse is that beyond overtime, the loss came in typical Raiders fashion: down to one gut-wrenching play that didn’t go their way. When Hunter Renfrow got smashed by the Cardinals defense, the ball went flying, and Cardinals cornerback Byron Murphy was the one to recover. Murphy ran all the way for a touchdown, stunning Raiders fans.

Some Raiders fans are suspicious of whether or not the call should have held up, as Murphy tossed it as he crossed the pylon threshold.

Did Raiders get screwed on Byron Murphy’s game-winning fumble return for Cardinals?

A contrast to the Aces’ historic moment in their franchise history, the Raiders made franchise history for all the wrong reasons: they saw their largest blown lead (20 points) in the team’s history.

Some blame Derek Carr, some blame Hunter Renfrow, and some blame the referees for ruling Murphy’s play as a touchdown.

But as JustBlogBaby’s Alex Monfreda points out, a football game truly never comes down to one person, nor does it come down to one play. Yes, this play is what finalized the game, but arguably, the Raiders had four quarters to win it beforehand.

As far as Murphy’s touchdown, the camera angles available convey that he crossed the pylon with the ball in hand.

Perhaps more angles could shed light on this controversy, but as it stands, the Cardinals won the game — and Byron Murphy came dangerously close to potentially losing it.

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