Patriots coaching staff doesn’t care very much at all about this season

By not naming an official offensive or defensive coordinator, it seems as if the New England Patriots don’t have much interest in the 2022 NFL Season. 

Finding the right offensive and defensive coordinator is tough and takes time. That’s fair. But the New England Patriots seem to be different.

They don’t have one listed, and while it’s not popular, it raises questions, specifically about how they feel about the 2022 NFL Season. Just ask Joe Judge about how he feels regarding the Patriots preseason, per

“Preseason games are really much more about getting out there and letting players play. It’s not really scheme heavy, it’s not about game-planning against the opponent.”

Ok, but what about the regular season, which is what the preseason is meant to prepare the team for in the first place? How is that going to work out with no specific coach on both sides of the ball? It certainly bears pondering, not just from Patriots reporters but also fans of the franchise.

They are used to winning, particularly those born in the 21st century, and only know the franchise as a winning force that makes analysts who bet against them look foolish and uneducated. But maybe that left when No.12 hit the road to Florida?

No, Bill Belichick is still in town. Still, his draft decisions and recent free agency moves are a bit puzzling, specifically the big spending spree after the 2020 season, which resulted in a wild card playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills.

The New England Patriots coaching staff, from a distance, oddly looks disinterested in the 2022 season.

Given all the success the Patriots have had for so long, it’s not normal, at least in the eyes of those who cover them and support them as fans, to see any form of dysfunction, and it’s led to speaking out against them whether good or bad.

Ultimately, at least for now, it doesn’t look like the coaching staff is putting too much emphasis on this season, and that’s not usually how they operate. Hopefully, for their sake, they are able to rebound and make a statement.

When you invest as much money as they did recently in free agency and have a talented quarterback on a rookie contract, it would be wise to make the most out of that opportunity. The Patriots have to figure it out, or there could be other repercussions down the line.

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