Cowboys target former Eagles All-Pro as Tyron Smith replacement

With Tyron Smith out long-term, the Dallas Cowboys are looking outside the organization for help at the position. Jason Peters, formerly of the Eagles, could be a solution.

He’s 40 years old, but Peters can still play at a productive level, and at a key position. Left tackle is not an easy spot on the offensive line to play. Often, players find themselves on an island. If they mess up, the quarterback’s health (and thus their own roster spot) could be at risk.

Peters has succeeded at this position for years. And while he can’t move like he used to with the Philadelphia Eagles, Peters remains capable enough to fill in for Smith if the Cowboys choose to employ him.

Per Pro Football Focus, Peters earned a 77.5 grade last year at age 39 in Chicago. If he plays close to that level in 2021, Dallas would sign him in a heartbeat.

Cowboys rumors: Jason Peters a potential offensive line solution

Dallas still trusts their offensive line without Smith — but the 31-year-old is one of the best players at his position for a reason. He’s expected to be out until December at the very least, and potentially longer.

Peters is not the All-Pro he once was in Philadelphia. From 2007-16, he made nine straight Pro Bowls (minus 2012, when he was out for the entire season) with the Bills and Eagles, and was an All-Pro twice in 2011 and 2013.

Peters, a future Hall of Famer, has stayed in shape this offseason with the intention of playing for a contending team in need of offensive line help. Dallas certainly qualifies as that.

With Smith now on injured reserve, Dallas must protect Dak Prescott at all costs. That’s where Peters comes in, should they choose to pony up at the right price.

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