Patrick Mahomes reveals 1 person Chiefs fans should thank

Patrick Mahomes reveals one person Chiefs fans should thank. 

Kansas City Chiefs fans were holding their breaths on Sunday when Patrick Mahomes returned to the field after suffering an ankle injury last week. We’d been told all week that the injury usually required a three-week rehab, but the Chiefs didn’t have that time to use.

It turns out that Mahomes’ ankle was never a problem and the team performed better than the Cincinnati Bengals and punched their ticket to their Super Bowl with a last-second field goal.

And Mahomes took to Twitter to make sure Chiefs Kingdom knew who they should be thanking for his performance.

Patrick Mahomes shouts out Julie Frymyer following injury rehab

“Julie WAS the reason i was the guy i was on the field today! It takes everyone but she lead the charge all week!!! Now let’s get Super Bowl ready!!” he tweeted in response to another tweet revealing the trainer, along with a photo.

The woman, Julie Frymyer, is the assistant athletic trainer and physical therapist and, according to her official profile, has worked for the Chiefs since 2018.

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