Patrick Mahomes injury update entering the weekend

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was able to play through his high-ankle sprain in the AFC Championship Game. Will he do so in the Super Bowl, as well?

Patrick Mahomes was able to move around well enough in the AFC Championship Game to outplay Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, and earn his team a spot in the Super Bowl. By no means was it a flawless performance, but Mahomes was borderline superhuman given the extent of the injury in the first place.

Now with two weeks to heal before the Super Bowl, it would be a shock to see Mahomes suffer a setback prior to the big game. The question isn’t whether Mahomes will play, but how effective he will be.

“I was just generally sore from the game. It was a physical game. I mean, my whole body was a little sore. So, I don’t think I had any steps backward or anything like that. No like re-aggravation of the ankle. Just the general little bit of pain I had playing with it, but other than that, I feel like I’m in a good spot,” Mahomes said when asked about playing through pain last Sunday.

Chiefs latest injury update on Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is dealing with general soreness, but nothing more at this juncture. The Chiefs are limiting him in practice just as a precaution, and will likely ramp things up as Super Sunday nears.

In fact, the only issues Mahomes faced against the Bengals, per the man himself, was when he tried stopping full sprint. When he was pushed late by Cincinnati defender Joseph Ossai, Mahomes hit the turf rather than trying to stop himself, in hopes that he wouldn’t re-aggravate that ankle.

“The most pain I had was stopping,” Mahomes said. “So, once he pushed me, it would have been hard to put my foot in the ground and try to stop. I rolled through it. You get over there with the heaters and benches and people, that’s a lot of times where people get hurt. That’s why I think there’s the reason there’s a flag for it. Once I got pushed I just tried to roll and not hurt people and not hurt myself.”

Thankfully, that strategy worked.

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