Patrick Mahomes comments on halftime argument with Eric Bieniemy

There seemed to be a confrontation between Patrick Mahomes and Eric Bieniemy at halftime of a game the Chiefs would eventually lose to the Colts. 

If only the Kansas City Chiefs offense was as heated as a conversation Patrick Mahomes and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy had at halftime, perhaps they’d have left Indianapolis with a win.

Instead, Kansas City’s offense never seemed to get going and scored fewer than 20 points against a defense that was missing its best player. Indianapolis was coming off back-to-back games in which it was lit up by the Texans and Jaguars — vastly inferior offenses when stacked up against the Chiefs.

It was a collective failure at every level for the Chiefs, but the most fire they showed was when Mahomes and Bieniemy seemed to get into an argument as the teams left the field at halftime. The argument was preceded by a play in which the Chiefs weirdly ran a conservative play to run time out before the half despite being in a position to put points on the board.

Those points potentially left on the field turned out to be extremely valuable in a game Kansas City would go on to lose by three points.

Mahomes seemed to take exception to the play call and had what appeared to be a rather heated conversation with Bieniemy that Andy Reid eventually had to break up.

Reid commented on the incident and seemingly tossed water on a fire that he chalked up to existing only because people didn’t hear what was actually said between the two.

Mahomes also commented on what happened, stating that he’ll always vote in favor of trying to get points and keep the offense going but admitted he’s a player and not a coach.

He went so far as to say Bieniemy made the right decision rather than try to drive down the field.

Had the Chiefs managed to win the game, this is likely even less of an issue than it is in the wake of a loss. It’s notable in that this isn’t the first time Chiefs fans have been forced to grapple with drama involving the key stakeholders on offense.

This offseason an unsubstantiated and unverified rumor circulated that claimed Mahomes and Bieniemy were beefing, specifically that they had argued about how the offense should be run during an AFC Championship Game loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. This all came during ongoing debates about why Bieniemy hadn’t yet been given a head coaching job despite his resume and numerous interviews with teams.

It didn’t take much for a bogus report to catch on with fans, so it’s not hard to see why cameras catching the duo actually in a heated conversation would be of interest to nervous fans watching at home.

However, it seems for now that this was a case of there being smoke but no fire in the Chiefs locker room.

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