Pat Patriot brings out the best in New England during Lions shutout

The New England Patriots rocked a classic throwback look featuring Pat Patriot and rode that style to a shutout of the visiting Detroit Lions. 

Rookie quarterback playing well? Check. Pat Patriot Uniforms? Check. Boston sportswriters left stunned and possibly shaken in the press box? Check.

All the ingredients of a healthy day for the New England Patriots. The 29-0 win over the Detroit Lions is enough to convince those like Dan Shaughnessy and Ben Volin to abandon their overly critical stance and wax poetically on the team.

Just look at how much fun the team had against the visitors from the Motor City, capped off by showing that the red jerseys might be lucky, evidenced by the shutout on the scoreboard. Also, can we give some love to rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe for looking seasoned, along with veteran pass rusher Matt Judon rocking the sleeves?

The Pat Patriot seemed to work magical wonders for the New England Patriots against the Detroit Lions

For at least one afternoon, the New England Patriots looked like a team that most folks in the 21st century have grown up watching. The Patriots had a strong day defensively, holding a high-scoring Lions offense in check and not allowing them to get on the scoreboard.

Offensively, New England had their share of hiccups, but the Zappe pass to Jakobi Meyers was a pass of the past with perfect touch and pinpoint accuracy. Still, it’s a shame that the Patriots can’t rock these more, but that’s the rule with the alternate uniforms.

They come out sporadically, at a time when a team is celebrating something or in need of a spark, both applied to New England. A great day to go back to the past for the Patriots, and they certainly dressed for the occasion. The Lions? It’s back to the drawing board yet again.

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