One of Saints best plays in Seahawks win comes with bitter injury aftertaste

The New Orleans Saints continue to get great production out of rookie Chris Olave, but his season could be on hiatus with an injury.

The New Orleans Saints finally got their second win of the season in Week 5. It didn’t come easily. The Seattle Seahawks battled hard and took a late lead despite New Orleans looking like the better team in the middle half of the game.

New Orleans battled it out and Taysom Hill proved to be the absolute best player on the field ready to destroy your fantasy football team.

En route to the win, Chris Olave caught his second touchdown of the season. It looked as if perhaps Olave bobbled and lost the ball, but after a review, the touchdown was logged for the rookie wide receiver.

Olave went down on the play and was assessed for a concussion, and was removed from the game for just that.

Chris Olave is likely to enter concussion protocol

After the game, Dennis Allen said Olave was in good spirits.

The NFL and NFLPA are on high alert for anything having to do with neck and spinal injuries. Earlier this season Tua Tagovailoa was taken out in an ambulance after a scary head injury a week after he displayed gross motor instability on the field and was allowed to return in the same game.

With that in mind, team medical personnel are going to be more conservative in treating concussions and head injuries. Olave being diagnosed with a concussion was already probably enough to launch him into concussion protocol.

To exit concussion protocol, a player needs to advance through five specific levels based on how they progress individually. There is no set and prescribed timeframe for return much like there is for other injuries. Concussions can be a week or two, or it can be several. It all depends on the player. Typically, though, getting through all five steps takes at least one week.

The Saints will luckily return Michael Thomas next week, but they’ve been missing him and also were without Jarvis Landry this week.

All in all, though, you hate to see a likelihood that the momentum on Olave’s Rookie of the Year campaign will come to a halt, because he’s been so, so good.

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