Packers have really changed tune on Aaron Rodgers, not in a good way

Over the course of three years, the Green Bay Packers have really changed their tune over Aaron Rodgers, and not exactly in what we would call a great way either.

Amid the darkness, we will find the light to guide us through the never-ending Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers saga.

In the three years since trading up to reach on Jordan Love in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Packers’ relationship with Rodgers seems to be disintegrating and being held together by duct tape. It has been a good ride, but this one is probably ending sooner rather than later. Rodgers may retire, get really into the 60s and no one will ever see him again. He can also be traded or stay. Who knows?

All we know is general manager Brian Gutekunst’s stance on Rodgers has changed for the worst.

I am so jealous of Gen Z, mostly because they do not remember their bitter Brett Favre divorce…

Aaron Rodgers and Brian Gutekunst go together like lamb and tuna fish

Gutekunst is not only hopeful that Rodgers will figure out what he wants to do in his NFL life in a fortnight, but expects that if Rodgers wants to come back to Green Bay, he will willingly restructure his contract for the betterment of the team. If that is the case, then I cannot wait to see what Nicolas Cage character he dresses up as heading into training camp later this summer.

How’d it get burned? Let’s put the bunny back in the box and try to figure this out. We’ve got ourselves a little bit of a prickly pear on our hands, one this is as complicated as trying to steal the Declaration of Independence. This is why you don’t draft a quarterback to replace a franchise quarterback when the franchise quarterback is still playing like a high-end franchise quarterback.

I mean, he’s not a shell of himself, flying across the ocean to do glorified appearances as himself for one Pedro Pascal. Then again, the days of rolling snake eyes for him are probably over. He’s not leaving Las Vegas, but he could be leaving for Las Vegas. It is a great place to entertain people when you’re pushing or well over 40. Rodgers just needs to get out of Wisconsin like Favre did.

Like every subsequent Weezer album, it gets worse by the year between Green Bay and Rodgers.

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