NFL power rankings, Week 4: Jaguars rise, Chargers fall

In the Week 4 edition of our NFL power rankings, the Jacksonville Jaguars are making their move while the Los Angeles Chargers have real problems.


Houston Texans 0-2-1

Last rank: 31st

The Texans remain winless, and it could stay that way for awhile.


Seattle Seahawks 1-2

Last rank: 30th

Seattle had a magical night in Week 1, but it seems its magic has run out.


New York Jets 1-2

Last rank: 28th

Barring a miracle in Week 2, the Jets would be 0-3 and we’d be talking about how long Robert Sales has left in New York.


Atlanta Falcons 1-2

Last rank: 32nd

The Falcons aren’t blessed with an abundance of talent, but Arthur Smith has them playing hard.


Chicago Bears 2-1

Last rank: 29th

The Bears are 2-1, despite Justin Fields throwing a total of about four passes this season.


New England Patriots 1-2

Last rank: 24th

The Patriots’ offense can’t score, and the defense isn’t going to stop good teams. Not great, Bob.


Washington Commanders 1-2

Last rank: 22nd

When the quarterback gets sacked nine times — because of his play or the offensive line — it’s going to be a long day.


Carolina Panthers 1-2

Last rank: 27th

Baker Mayfield continues to struggle badly, but the Panthers saved their season by beating the Saints.


Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2

Last rank: 21st

Kenny Pickett. Please.


Las Vegas Raiders 0-3

Last rank: 20th

Remember when the Raiders were supposed to be a contender? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


Indianapolis Colts 1-1-1

Last rank: 25th

How the Colts beat the Chiefs is nothing short of miraculous, but Indy will take it.


Cleveland Browns 2-1

Last rank: 26th

Jacoby Brissett is doing enough to keep the Browns afloat.


Detroit Lions 1-2

Last rank: 18th

The Lions had every opportunity to beat the Vikings, but couldn’t get it done.


Tennessee Titans 1-2

Last rank: 19th

Somehow, the Titans can be 2-2 if they handle the Colts on the road this week.


Arizona Cardinals 1-2

Last rank: 15th

Outside of about 15 minutes in Las Vegas, the Cardinals look awful.


New Orleans Saints 1-2

Last rank: 13th

The Saints might need to change offensively. It’s not working.


New York Giants 2-0

Last rank: 16th

Tough loss, but understandable. Now, a chance to rebound against the Bears.


Los Angeles Chargers 1-2

Last rank: 7th

Every year, the Chargers are preseason darlings. Every year, they disappoint.


San Francisco 49ers 1-2

Last rank: 10th

Jimmy Garoppolo reminded the world on Sunday night why the Niners drafted Trey Lance.


Dallas Cowboys 2-1

Last rank: 17th

Everyone thought Dallas was done without Dak Prescott. Suddenly, 2-1.


Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1

Last rank: 23rd

Biggest jump of the week. Doug Pederson has the Jaguars looking like a playoff team.


Denver Broncos 2-1

Last rank: 14th

Russell Wilson is looking very limited, but the defense is getting the job done.


Cincinnati Bengals 1-2

Last rank: 12th

Joe Burrow and Co. finally got a win. Now they host the unbeaten Dolphins on Thursday night.


Minnesota Vikings 2-1

Last rank: 11th

The Vikings are uneven, but they’re 2-1 and have talent all over their roster.


Baltimore Ravens 2-1

Last rank: 9th

Lamar Jackson threw four more touchdowns on Sunday. Price is rising.


Los Angeles Rams 2-1

Last rank: 6th

The Rams shut down Kyler Murray, getting a much-needed quality defensive performance.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1

Last rank: 3rd

Tom Brady will get it rolling, but the offense is in a nasty funk right now.


Miami Dolphins 3-0

Last rank: 8th

The Dolphins have been awesome, so why aren’t they higher? They were almost outgunned by 300 yards on Sunday and the week prior, were being blown out all day before a miracle. Tough to know if they’re for real, or really fortunate.


Green Bay Packers 2-1

Last rank: 5th

Hard-fought win in Tampa Bay, and just like that, the Packers look fine.


Kansas City Chiefs 2-1

Last rank: 2nd

Brutal loss in Indy. The Chiefs did everything but forfeit. Special teams were horrid all day.


Buffalo Bills 2-1

Last rank: 1st

Buffalo dominated all afternoon in Miami, but made mistakes that lose games. The Bills will be fine.


Philadelphia Eagles 3-0

Last rank: 4th

Best team in football through three weeks. The offensive is a machine, and Jalen Hurts is an MVP candidate early on.

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