NFL power rankings, Week 3: Dolphins rise, Colts fall

The Week 3 NFL power rankings are here, and the Indianapolis Colts are in a hideous slide, while the Miami Dolphins showed their mettle.


Atlanta Falcons 0-2

Last rank: 32nd

The Falcons have remained true to themselves. Crazy games, crushing losses.


Houston Texans 0-1-1

Last rank: 30th

The Texans are playing hard, they just don’t have enough talent to beat many teams.


Seattle Seahawks 1-1

Last rank: 29th

Remember the wild win against the Broncos on Monday night in Week 1? Savor that feeling.


Chicago Bears 1-1

Last rank: 28th

The Bears aren’t going to crack 20 points more than a few times this year.


New York Jets 1-1

Last rank: 31st

Take the win, get on the plane, and celebrate. Insanity.


Carolina Panthers 0-2

Last rank: 27th

Baker Mayfield has been awful for seven of the season’s first eight quarters. Not good.


Cleveland Browns 1-1

Last rank: 19th

That’s one of the most ridiculous losses in recent memory.


Indianapolis Colts 0-1-1

Last rank: 13th

What the hell is wrong with the Colts? Hideous football.


New England Patriots 1-1

Last rank: 26th

Mac Jones wasn’t great, but the Patriots’ defense stepped up and stopped the Steelers.


Jacksonville Jaguars 1-1

Last rank: 25th

The Jaguars hammered the Colts. Perhaps they can compete in the weak AFC South?


Washington Commanders 1-1

Last rank: 20th

Carson Wentz is the biggest rollercoaster on Earth. Belongs in an amusement park.


Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1

Last rank: 18th

The Steelers need to score, but they don’t have a quarterback or an offensive line.


Las Vegas Raiders 0-2

Last rank: 15th

The Raiders might not recover from that loss to Arizona. Just a comical train wreck.


Tennessee Titans 0-2

Last rank: 17th

Between the injuries and the talent gap, the Titans had no shot against the Bills.


Detroit Lions 1-1

Last rank: 24th

The Lions can score. If the defense improves behind rookie phenom Aidan Hutchinson, look out.


Dallas Cowboys 1-1

Last rank: 23rd

Cooper Rush beating Joe Burrow and the Bengals? Nope. All about the defense.


New York Giants 2-0

Last rank: 22nd

New York isn’t overwhelming with talent, but the Giants are playing hard and executing enough.


Arizona Cardinals 1-1

Last rank: 21st

If the Cardinals have a productive season, they’ll look back at the second half in Las Vegas as the turning point.


Denver Broncos 1-1

Last rank: 16th

The Broncos are 1-1, but Nathaniel Hackett is deeply concerning. Russell Wilson hasn’t been great, either.


New Orleans Saints 1-1

Last rank: 11th

Jameis Winston can’t throw three interceptions. The offense can’t have five turnovers. Ugly.


Cincinnati Bengals 0-2

Last rank: 9th

Joe Burrow has started the year being sacked 13 times in losses to Mitchell Trubisky and Cooper Rush. Yikes.


Minnesota Vikings 1-0

Last rank: 10th

Not going to knock the Vikings for losing in Philadelphia, but that was an ugly showing.


San Francisco 49ers 1-1

Last rank: 12th

A key win over the Seahawks, but it’s muted with the injury to Trey Lance.


Baltimore Ravens 1-1

Last rank: 4th

Perhaps the worst loss of the John Harbaugh era. A 21-point, fourth-quarter lead … gone.


Miami Dolphins 2-0

Last rank: 14th

If there’s ever a springboard for Tua Tagovailoa, this was it. What a performance.


Los Angeles Chargers 1-1

Last rank: 5th

The Chargers could have blown out the Chiefs early. But they didn’t, proceeded to lose, and now Justin Herbert is hurt.


Los Angeles Rams 1-1

Last rank: 7th

The Rams need to figure it out. Hammered by the Bills, and barely beating the Falcons.


Green Bay Packers 1-1

Last rank: 6th

Easy win, and the Packers are back on track. Now, off to play the Buccaneers.


Philadelphia Eagles 2-0

Last rank: 8th

Dominant showing. The Eagles, and Jalen Hurts, are clearly a threat in the NFC.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-0

Last rank: 3rd

The defense has given up six points save for garbage time. The offense, however, is a concern.


Kansas City Chiefs 2-0

Last rank: 2nd

The Chiefs didn’t play great on Thursday, but they made all the plays the Chargers didn’t. Defense looks good.


Buffalo Bills 2-0

Last rank: 1st

Buffalo is the best team in football. Just a machine.

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