NFL Network analyst slights Cowboys and names new “America’s Team”

Since when do the Steelers have anything to do with Patriotism? One NFL Network analyst seems to have gotten confused about who America’s team is.

The Dallas Cowboys have long been known as “America’s Team” thanks to their early Super Bowl-era success and the pervasiveness with which the blue star logo is associated with American life. With one of the largest fanbases in the country, it’s hard to deny that they’re America’s Team, even if they haven’t seen the same level of success that won them that nickname years ago.

Apparently, though, other teams might be more worthy of the nickname now. One NFL Network analyst didn’t quite name the Pittsburgh Steelers “America’s Team,” but he might as well have.

“I believe in this country, I believe in the United States of America, and I believe in the Pittsburgh Steelers. You will NEVER see me turn my back on this.” — Kyle Brandt in regards to picking the Steelers to make it to the postseason.

He went on to say he doesn’t care about the quarterback situation, with Mike Tomlin as the head coach being the more important factor to him.

Are the Steelers the new “America’s Team”?

I’ve yet to hear anyone else associate the Steelers with American Patriotism and hint at them being America’s Team, but let’s look into this a little bit deeper.

Pittsburgh has won two Super Bowls and won an additional AFC Championship on top of that since 2005. They’ve won the third-most playoff games since 2004 behind only the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.

If we’re going pure wins in the modern era, it’s the Patriots as America’s team. For goodness sake, their name is the Patriots, so maybe “America’s Team” was a misnomer since the start?

Pittsburgh in the postseason feels like a pretty bold selection to start the season, but Mike Tomlin is not to be bet against, generally. Over the last 15 years, Tomlin and the Steelers have missed the playoffs just five times. Inversely, the Cowboys have made the playoffs just five times in that span.

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