Bears release first rendering of ambitious stadium campus in Arlington Heights

The Chicago Bears are getting closer and closer to leaving Soldier Field and moving to a new venue in Arlington Heights with their latest news. 

For years and years, Soldier Field has been the home of the Chicago Bears. That may not be the case for much longer, with Arlington Heights looming.

In a statement released Tuesday, the franchise announced its intent to move to Arlington Heights while releasing potential designs for the area and speaking of possible events resulting from this move.

In September 2021, the Chicago Bears signed an agreement for the purpose of acquiring 326 acres of property in Arlington Heights to secure the potential of beginning a new and exciting chapter there. We remain under contract to purchase the property, but there are conditions that must be met in order to be in a position to close. If we do close on the property, it does not guarantee we will develop it. While under contract with the seller of Arlington Park, we will not be discussing or exploring any other alternative stadium sites or opportunities, including renovations of Soldier Field. Much remains to be decided, but any decision will be made in the best interests of the Bears long-term future, our fans and the Chicagoland community.

If the team does proceed with the purchase of the Arlington Park property, and if the Bears organization then chooses to proceed with the development of the property, the project will be one of the largest development projects in Illinois state history. We envision a multi-purpose entertainment district anchored by a new, best-in-class enclosed stadium, providing Chicagoland with a new home worthy of hosting global events such as the Super Bowl, College Football Playoffs, and Final Four.

This statement deserves a round of applause, mainly because of what we can expect to see in Arlington Heights with a much better venue and the amount of revenue that could be given to the organization and the city just from hosting events like the College Football Playoff and Final Four. Potentially, there could be a chance for the new enclosed stadium to host an event like Wrestlemania, which is a big-money event in and of itself.

Bears are heading in the right direction with Arlington Heights move.

However, there are a few concerns to consider in this Arlington Heights project for the Chicago Bears. One would be parking as there isn’t much specified about it in the letter. Moreover, this project would also have to consider other transportation methods.

Moreover, the Bears have made it clear that they will not seek public funding and will instead look to partner with the various governmental bodies to secure additional funding and assistance needed to support the feasibility of the remainder of the development.

Above all, this is a significant win for the Bears, knowing that if all goes well, they will play in a modern stadium with better turf, more seats, and more excellent revenue opportunities. The old tradition of “Bears Weather,” and as YouTuber/Chicago Bears fan Jeff Schlegel says, #BEARSFOOTBALL is continuing to head towards its end. The time to modernize is now, and the Bears are finally heading in that direction; at least, that’s what they are indicating.

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