NFL insider thinks Lamar Jackson is getting traded

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has played in Baltimore his entire career, but an NFL insider thinks that’s about to change.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has played in Baltimore his entire career. He had quite a few successful seasons, but his time with the Ravens may be coming to an end if at least one talking head is to be believed.

CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora thinks Jackson will be traded “before the draft next year.”

Jackson recently turned down an extension offer from the Ravens, and though it’s never been confirmed how much the contract was worth, league sources believe it was roughly $250 million (via Adam Schefter, ESPN). The length of the proposed extension is unclear.

According to Schefter, “Sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that the Ravens proposed a six-year contract believed to pay Jackson a higher average salary and more guaranteed money than deals signed this summer by Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson and Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.”

Jackson reportedly wanted to match Deshaun Watson’s guaranteed five-year $230 million contract. Though this appears to be less than what Jackson was offered, the extension offered may have been over several more years, making the annual value much less. Watson has slightly better numbers than Jackson, but Watson is facing a major suspension.

Lamar Jackson trade rumors: NFL insider believes Ravens QB will be dealt

Jackson is currently under a four-year contract worth roughly $9.5 million. He hits free agency next year and will likely be worth a lot more considering his performance over the past few years, but he’s asking for a dramatic increase.

Over his five-year career, he’s averaged a completion percentage of 63.9 and has 10,180 total passing yards. He’s undoubtedly talented, and compared to Watson, he shouldn’t be making drastically less.

Over Watson’s four-season career with the Houston Texans, he’s averaged a completion percentage of 67.8 and has 14,539 total yards. He didn’t play in 2021 and just signed his contract this season with the Cleveland Browns. He’s also facing an 11-game suspension.

The increase from Watson’s first contract to now in comparison to what Jackson is asking for isn’t unreasonable. Watson started with the Texans on a contract worth roughly $13.9 million. Considering their performances aren’t much different and Jackson hasn’t made any NFL violations, he should get a huge raise.

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