NFL insider cruelly faked out Ravens fans on Lamar Jackson news

The NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero didn’t exactly report the Tyler Huntley back to the Baltimore Ravens news with the utmost grace and tact, as Lamar Jackson fans are in utter shambles now.

Something misfired in the Tom Pelissero neurolink on Saturday afternoon while trying to break some Baltimore Ravens quarterback news.

Nobody deciphers and reports out pertinent facts from a memo quite like The Arrow Tom Pelissero. While he does as good of a job as anyone of making sense out of NFL nonsense for us idiots to understand, he might actually be a cyborg who runs on plutonium and has been sentient for the last decade-plus. You want undeniable proof of this logic? Look at this Tyler Huntley tweet.

By reporting that the Ravens’ backup quarterback will be back in Baltimore after signing his tender, it certainly caught people off-guard thinking Lamar Jackson signed his franchise tag!

Once we have robots reporting news in an unverified Twitter world, we are so hopelessly screwed.

NFL insider does a poor job of reporting Tyler Huntley back to Baltimore Ravens

Pelissero has built himself a reputation as a straight shooter, but he could also be a terminator sent back in time to stop Sarah Connor. Either way, he is here and we have to make the most of it. We should be thankful that he reads all the memos our ADHD-riddled brains can’t even begin to comprehend. At our very core, we trust him to give us the goods, but sometimes they get botched.

While a man is only as good as his best toe knife, we do get botch jobs from time to time. So maybe The Arrow is human after all? He may be able to feel more than Adam Schefter, which I think we would all welcome. Although he may not be as emotional as Jay Glazer, he does form The NFL Network’s holy triumvirate of reporting with Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapoport. What a tripod!

Yes, this was a bit of a misfire, but it wasn’t like he did anything really wrong here. The issue people had in all this is they hate reading and any news of Baltimore quarterbacks signing things will always be thought to be about Jackson. Did the Ravens make this harder for us trying to live active and well-balanced lives on the weekends? Sure, but The Arrow shot one from the quiver.

Maybe we all should go outside this afternoon and throw a tennis ball to our favorite puppy dog?

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