Michael Gallup Talks Strengths in the Dallas Cowboys’ Wide Receiver Room This Year

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup talked to 105.3 The Fan about the new offensive scheme and gave a rundown of some of the guys in the receiver room. 

Michael Gallup on the New Offensive Scheme

After the Cowboys’ first practice in pads, Gallup talked about the offense stepping up with the ability to play at different positions.

“Everybody’s just playing every position on the field, so to be honest, the defense doesn’t really know who to key in on anymore. It’s not just one person they think is going to get the ball just because of our alignment. Everybody’s capable of scoring a touchdown and even getting a play,” said Gallup.

As for what he looks forward to most with this new offensive scheme, Gallup said he can move around on the field more. This allows him to change things up and play more freely.

How Dak Prescott Is Wired

Gallup says getting the ball out quickly gets Dak Prescott in his groove. 

“He’s just sitting there calling stuff. We’re just moving fast. That’s how he’s wired. That’s how he thinks, and especially with us. I mean, we’re all just as much as speed guys. So we can move in and out anywhere you want to, and Dak knows exactly where to put the ball,” said Gallup.

He was asked about the lack of communication in the offense last season and said he had some because he couldn’t be out on the field during his injury.

He explained the importance of cues with Prescott and how that chemistry is built during practice, which he could only take part in after his return in Week 4 of the season against the Washington Commanders.

Gallup said the touchdown he scored during that game was something good from last season, but he didn’t feel like himself the next few games afterward.

But Prescott and the receivers’ work in the offseason at the “Dak yard” has helped build that camaraderie. According to Gallup, Prescott would text them early in the morning to go throw, and they would all show up to get the work in.

“Even if you have some bad plays or whatever out there, it’s just like make them happen out there. When we get to training camp, we’re going,” said Gallup.

He was asked about former Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott making appearances at the “Dak yard” sessions saying that he looks like “old Zeke,” but they didn’t talk about his situation.

Gallup did say that everybody misses Elliott, calling him a leader that was everybody’s friend.

Gallup Discusses Brandin Cooks, CeeDee Lamb, and Jalen Tolbert

As for guys within the Cowboys’ receiver room, Gallup did not shy away from giving credit where it was due.

Gallup was asked about wide receiver CeeDee Lamb and said he is “easily a top-five wide receiver,” giving notice of the growth he has made every single year to get better.

As we have seen during camp already, the Cowboys made a solid choice when acquiring wide receiver Brandin Cooks in the offseason.

Gallup quickly gave kudos to Cooks, saying he’s the “kind of guy you want in the locker room.”

“To be honest, I don’t know how he’s been on so many different teams; that don’t make sense to me. I’d want him in my locker room, you know, all his years,” said Gallup.

The one echoed sentiment Cooks has had on the team is the emphasis he puts on taking care of your body to ensure a longer career. Gallup says this is something Cooks talked to them about since Day 1 and will continue to listen to whatever advice he gets from him.

Another guy Gallup says will easily show up for them on Sundays is wide receiver Jalen Tolbert.

He said that Tolbert has come a long way since last year.

“He knows the whole offense from front to back. He can play any position he wants to, and he’s a dadgum good athlete, so I need to watch out for my job. To be honest, he’s coming,” said Gallup.

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