Lions fans get into wild street fight following heartbreaking loss to Eagles

Lions fans got into a bizarre street fight featuring people on the floor, punches and dance moves after losing to the Eagles.

The NFL is back and so are the wild and crazy antics of NFL fans.

In Week 1, Lions fans supplied an early entry for most WTF fan fight of the season.

Detroit lost to Philadelphia, 38-35, falling short of victory after a furious 14-point fourth-quarter comeback. When the game was over, fans were spotted outside the stadium getting up to…well…this:

Lions fans brawl in street after losing to Eagles

Let’s break this one down, because it isn’t your run-of-the-mill football brawl.

It starts with one big group throwing hands, with multiple brawlers splayed out on the floor at different points. They spread out into smaller groups still punching and shoving while the crowd watches.

Things calm down, for a moment, then it’s off to the races again as the scuffle continues.

Then, when the fight seems to be settling back down, some dude starts dancing in the middle of the street, seemingly to his own tune. And another guy in a Lions jersey joins in for a second.

This wasn’t a fight. It was performance art.

The Detroit fans blissfully walking back to their cars after that loss and not fighting with others had to be wondering what to think of the game they just witnessed.

On one hand, the Lions continue to show signs of progress, fighting back despite falling behind by 17 points.

On the other hand, the team eventually has to turn some of these moral victories into actual victories.

Detroit will try to do that next week against the Washington Commanders, but it’s unlikely any fights that take place outside of that one will be quite as bizarre as this one in Week 1.

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