Leonard Fournette and Micah Parsons are going at it on Twitter

Leonard Fournette and Micah Parsons squared off on Sunday Night Football and are now squaring off on Twitter. 

Sunday Night Football featured Leonard Fournette and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking on Micah Parsons and the Dallas Cowboys.

Tampa Bay got the victory 19-3, but the battle between Parsons and Fournette didn’t stop there. Twitter got ahold of the battle, and it goes back to a play involving Fournette blocking a pass rush from Parsons.

Parsons was clearly heated about how he felt Forunette blocked him. Fournette? He had a response, and it was quite hilarious, to say the least.

Oof, Fournette used the crying face of an NBA legend, the GOAT Michael Jordan, who coincidentally, before the game, did a short promo for Forunette’s quarterback, who is considered the GOAT of the NFL, i.e., Tom Brady. So far, advantage Fournette.

Leonard Fournette and Micah Parsons went back and forth on Twitter, and the exchange was heated.

As of right now, Fournette has the advantage over Parsons, both on and off the field. Parsons did have two sacks against Tampa Bay, but Fournette’s 127 yards certainly paid dividends for the Buccaneers against the Cowboys.

Moreover, with Dak Prescott out of the lineup for a while, the sting for Dallas only grows, and the pressure is now on Parsons and his teammates to pick up an even greater load. Meanwhile, Tampa Bay isn’t out of trouble just yet due to their upcoming schedule and the challenges that await them in New Orleans, Green Bay, and Kansas City over the next three weeks.

Just imagine if these two were to meet again this season or down the line, it would be interesting to see how Parsons responds or if Fournette continues to hold the higher ground. Right now, it’s the running back that holds the edge over the fearsome pass rusher.

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