Latest Colts visit could eliminate another Lamar Jackson destination

The Indianapolis Colts getting a top-30 visit from C.J. Stroud may indicate they are officially out on Lamar Jackson.

Although it still could happen, don’t count on the Indianapolis Colts being the team to trade for Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson, as they are bringing in C.J. Stroud for a top-30 visit.

This has absolutely everything to do with the Colts having the No. 4 overall pick this spring. They can stand pat and draft, at worst, the fourth-best quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft. While that player would probably be either Anthony Richardson, Will Levis or Hendon Hooker, if they dig pain, there is a chance that either Stroud or Bryce Young could fall to No. 4. Stroud is visiting on Friday…

By bringing in Stroud for a top-30 visit, it should signify to everyone across the NFL that the Colts will stop his slide if the Ohio State quarterback were to somehow fall out of the top three entirely.

While reaching on Hooker at No. 4 would be insane, the Colts are pretty much guaranteed of an opportunity to draft either Levis or Richardson, possibly both. However, anyone in their right mind would take Stroud over both of them, as he is arguably the most pro-ready quarterback in the draft. He should not fall past the Houston Texans at No. 2, but the Colts will be prepared if he does.

The fact Stroud could fall to the Colts at No. 4 means the Texans cannot be trusted in the slightest.

Indianapolis Colts host C.J. Stroud for top-30 visit, ending Lamar Jackson talks

The allure in trading for Jackson is all about having an MVP-caliber player running your offense at an exceptionally high level for the next five seasons. Given that the Colts are burning through vulcanized quarterback retread rubber fast than any Indy car, maybe five years of one quarterback is what they have in mind? However, drafting a player will always be cheaper than trading for one.

Yes, Jackson could have a better five-year run over any quarterback taken by a team in this draft. But for the money, the Colts need to stop being so impulsive for once and have some damn self-control! Whoever they take at No. 4 could be the guy who leads them back to the playoffs and start winning AFC South crowns again. He will not be making huge money for at least four years.

So if you are the Colts and select the next Joe Burrow (Young), Derek Carr (Stroud), Josh Allen (Richardson) or Jay Cutler (Levis), you are talking about a 10-year starter in the league with obvious Pro Bowl talent. I think they would rather have a homegrown talent that they picked right out of college than get sloppy seconds from another team, even if that team is with their ex-city.

Five years of potential control on Stroud at a fair price is better than paying a premium for Jackson.

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