Texans GM Nick Caserio could draft and dash in Houston

There is a distant possibility that Houston Texans General Manager Nick Caserio could leave the franchise following the conclusion of the NFL Draft. 

Under normal circumstances, an NFL franchise like the Houston Texans would be considered fools to let their general manager run the draft and walk away. However, that rumor is starting to spread like wildfire.

Pro Football Talk suggested Thursday that Texans GM Nick Caserio could leave Houston and make a return to the New England Patriots, where he had much success, notably in the Tom Brady era.

Usually, if a general manager does want to leave, they normally draft, play out the season, and then walk away. It’s what Ozzie Newsome did while in Baltimore. That said, Newsome did draft Lamar Jackson, and word is getting around that the Texans might not take a quarterback with the second overall pick.

Could Houston Texans really lose Nick Caserio?

Given how rough the situation has been in H-Town the last year, stemming from how they lost the No. 1 overall pick to Chicago due to winning the last game of the season, this news creates even more of a murky mess that could have been avoided. Now, the No. 1 pick is in the hands of the Carolina Panthers.

Houston will have its choice of whatever play does not end up in Carolina, and that’s not a bad spot to be in, but for a franchise that has not had a franchise QB since Deshaun Watson, the need to have that position solidified is paramount. However, DeMeco Ryans needs pass rushers as well, and Will Anderson Jr is right there for the taking as it’s obvious that he’s not going to Carolina, barring a shocker.

It’s going to be a long several days in Houston before the night of the draft, and with Carolina seemingly having made their choice, eyes will turn to Space City on what they choose to do.

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