Justin Fields is pumped up after Bears acquire DJ Moore

The Chicago Bears pulled off a blockbuster move to acquire heavy draft capital and WR DJ Moore from the Carolina Panthers, and Justin Fields is excited about it. 

There was an explosion in the Windy City. The Chicago Bears made a blockbuster trade, and Justin Fields is chuckling with glee somewhere.

On Friday, the franchise decided to trade the No. 1 overall pick to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for a haul of draft picks and wide receiver DJ Moore, who instantly becomes the top receiver on the Bears’ depth chart. As you can imagine, Fields is excited, as evidenced by his latest move on social media.

Somewhere, those who were essentially begging for Fields to leave the Bears, notably Colin Cowherd and Mike Tannenbaum, respectively, are shaking their heads in disbelief and punching the air. Please be quiet and move on. Chicago believes they have their QB and have added a weapon to his arsenal.

Chicago Bears show commitment to Justin Fields

Right now, the Bears have a lot of leverage. Given their current state of affairs, it made sense to trade the No. 1 overall pick, recoup some valuable draft capital, and invest around Justin Fields. Moreover, the NFC is still a wide-open conference, and by building the team up, there is a chance Chicago could make some noise quickly and convincingly.

The AFC is a much more formidable opponent, and Chicago saw how the Eagles fared against the Chiefs in the big game last year. It was a close game, but the lack of pressure from the defensive line despite gaudy statistics during the regular season proved to the be the downfall of the Eagles.

It’s going to take an elite offense and a proven defense to beat the AFC in the big show. Chicago is nowhere near that. However, they are building something, and with the picks they acquired, they have a chance to make some noise. At least Justin Fields got a key weapon, and his detractors have been shown the door to the village of silence. Life couldn’t be much sweeter than that.

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