Jordan Love gets major boost before taking the Packers’ starting job

Things are looking up for Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers with Tom Clements returning.

Although the Aaron Rodgers era of Green Bay Packers football could be coming to an end here soon, the future is a little brighter than expected for Jordan Love.

This is because the fourth-year pro out of Utah State will get to keep on working with quarterback guru Tom Clements for at least another season. Clements will be returning in 2023 to keep on serving as Matt LaFleur’s quarterbacks coach. The former Notre Dame star spent 11 years previously on Mike McCarthy’s Packers coaching staff from 2006 to 2016. Rodgers loves this guy.

Either way, Clements’ return for another season is a massive boost for the entire Packers offense.

A quarterbacks coaching change would have made things much harder for Love if he were to start.

Jordan Love gets big boost with Tom Clements returning to Green Bay Packers

With this being Love’s fourth professional season, the Packers are going to want to see what they have under center at some point. Should Rodgers leave and end up playing for a new team like the New York Jets, expect for the Packers to do everything in their power to ensure Love of success. Should he be a hit in his first extended run as the Green Bay starter, then the Packers will be okay.

Although LaFleur is an offensive-minded coach, his Packers offense has been more predicated on the run since he took over the reins of the franchise. Given that Rodgers is Rodgers and can ad-lib with the best of them, the passing game has been just fine for the most part. However, a depleted receiving corps and uncertainty at the quarterback position may present some challenges for Love.

Expectations will be hampered a bit, but the entire operation can’t just collapse because Rodgers decided to play elsewhere. With Clements still around, this gives another familiar face for Love to work with should he ascended to the QB1 throne in Green Bay. Either way, the Packers retaining one of the best quarterback minds of the last quarter century is a huge plus for the entire team.

If Love is their new guy, then how well he collaborates with Clements will be even more important.

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