Joe Burrow has a cocky warning for Bengals opponents this season

Despite losing Super Bowl LVI, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has a message for those who expect the team to experience a hangover. 

It’s evident that Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow doesn’t lack confidence and losing a Super Bowl won’t do anything to deter it.

Also, Burrow isn’t afraid to speak his mind and say what he wants to say. So, it wasn’t surprising for him to speak about what defenses need to fear regarding him and the Bengals offense that got a makeover, specifically in the trenches.

The Bengals did address their issues up front, but they still return a strong crop of receiving threats and brought in new players. So, if Burrow gets the protection he needs, and defenses continue to play the same way they played Cincinnati last season, they are in for a long journey.

Joe Burrow sent a cocky warning to everyone despite Cincinnati’s Super Bowl loss.

We just saw how Kansas City came within a game of getting back to the Super Bowl a year ago, and they have a gifted quarterback in Patrick Mahomes. In case people forgot, Cincinnati has some similarities, and they want that ring that was taken from them, if for nothing else but to send a strong message to those who are engulfed in the big market success that small markets can win as well.

The moments of sadness in February watching the Los Angeles Rams bask in glory, combined with how agitated Aaron Donald and friends made them in practice recently, are good reasons for Cincinnati to send a message of “we aren’t going anywhere whether you like it or not.”

Moreover, it gives a reason to fear Burrow. He knows that if he had a little more time to throw a pass, he could be wearing a ring by now. He and his teammates want that while everyone can be together, and the window could close at any point. He said what he said, and defenses should be worried about what more he could do now that he has something on his mind.

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