Jets sign the next-best thing to Davante Adams for Aaron Rodgers

The New York Packers? The Green Bay Jets? Whatever you want to call them, Aaron Rodgers has yet another familiar target headed to NYC.

Now that Aaron Rodgers is a Jet, the organization wants to surround him with as many familiar faces as possible in hopes that it pays off with a Super Bowl in the end. It’s a bold strategy, since most of these spare parts in a complicated system, but the likes of Nathaniel Hackett, Allen Lazard and now Randall Cobb can at least make Rodgers comfortable in a place far, far away from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The Jets officially signed Randall Cobb on Wednesday morning, a move many saw coming once the Rodgers trade was set in stone. Cobb and Rodgers are great friends and, perhaps most importantly, have a great on-field connection.

At this point in his career, Cobb is no Davante Adams — but he’s the next-best thing.

NFL Rumors: Why did the Jets sign Randall Cobb for Aaron Rodgers?

New York needs wide receivers, and Cobb is merely a depth piece. At some point this season, whether it be on the field or in the locker room behind the scenes, he will come in handy. Rodgers, Hackett and Co. need more players who understand their system, and can help implement the offensive scheme across the board by Week 1. Considering the young talent on the New York roster, adding veterans who have been there, done that, before makes a lot of sense.

Give Joe Douglas credit, he is really leaning in to help Rodgers as much as humanly possible. Given the future Hall-of-Fame quarterback only committed to one year in New York, they may only have one singular chance at this thing.

Cobb is a good fit, and on a one-year deal. He’s a cheap option who Rodgers loves. As always, he was a no-brainer.

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