Anthony Richardson nearly had a surprise landing spot

Former Florida Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson, who was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts, was nearly a Washington Commander instead.

Anthony Richardson is a project quarterback, but the Colts are willing to let him learn on the fly. In Indianapolis, Richardson will have a chance to grow with first-year head coach Scott Steichen, and perhaps start right away.

“I know that’s one of the primary reasons why you start [him] opening game is because it gets better by playing,” Jim Irsay said. “That’s the biggest benefit from it. And at the same time, I have to say, the fans have to have patience. Because it’s hard. We’ll see what happens, and he can surprise a lot of people.”

Steichen agreed with Irsay, stating that Richardson will need experience to learn from his mistakes.

“The development of players comes with more experience,” Steichen said. “(Richardson had) 13 starts, I think when you play more, that’s how you develop. You know what I mean? So, with him playing and his experience as a player and getting more reps, practice reps, game reps, I think that’s how you develop.”

The Colts decided Richardson was their No. 1 target days before the NFL Draft. They opted to go for the home run, and selected their guy at No. 4. However, had Indianapolis not taken Richardson, another team had an eye on trading up.

NFL Rumors: Washington Commanders wanted Anthony Richardson

Per Mike Jones, national NFL report for The Athletic, the Washington Commanders were interested in trading up to the No. 7 spot to select Richardson. The Las Vegas Raiders would have traded back.

The Commanders have a crowded quarterback room as is, but no long-term target to take the reins at the position. Washington signed Jacoby Brissett this offseason. Sam Howell is projected to be the starter come Week 1, and is atop the depth chart.

In DC, Richardson could have been a star. Instead, that will come in Indy.


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