Jets going to insane lengths to court Aaron Rodgers

The New York Jets need Aaron Rodgers. They know this. Aaron Rodgers knows this. The Green Bay Packers know this. There’s only one real solution.

The Jets are getting their first real taste of competitiveness in a decade, and they don’t want to squander it. New York came within a game of making the postseason in the AFC last season despite sporting Zach Wilson and Mike White at the quarterback position.

Imagine what they could do with a former back-to-back MVP winner (and just a year removed from that honor)?

Aaron Rodgers remains that, even if some question exactly how competent he would be in New York. Rodgers struggled initially to adapt to a new receiving corps next year. Most the players were young. That would be the case with the Jets, of course.

New York Jets fly a team plan out to meet Aaron Rodgers

Whether or not he wants to admit it isn’t important, Rodgers loves attention. So when Woody Johnson agreed to send his private plane out to meet Rodgers on his turf with the Jets executives and front office, it surely impressed him to some extent.

It’s unclear if the Packers are done with Rodgers just yet, but they’ve allowed him to speak with other teams. For now, his options are in New York and Green Bay. The Jets are more desperate for a quarterback, while the Packers have their heir-apparent in tow in Jordan Love, and have for some time now.

Aaron Jones spoke out on Rodgers this morning, suggesting he wanted the future Hall of Famer to return to Green Bay, rather than rushing along the Jordan Love era. It’s a tough time to be a Packers player or fan right now, as there’s no real evidence as to what the future holds.

In fact, it’s eerily similar to how Brett Favre left the frozen tundra. In disappointment.

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