Jacoby Brissett on Amari Cooper will spill gallons of Cowboys fans tears

The Cowboys’ decision to trade wide receiver Amari Cooper to the Browns is under fire and Jacoby Brissett is just fanning the flames.

Immediately after the Cowboys traded star wide receiver Amari Cooper to the Browns, people wondered if they’d gotten fleeced getting only a fifth-round draft pick and a sixth-round pick swap in return.

Indeed, they did. In three games with Cleveland, Cooper has had two 100-yard receiving performances with a touchdown in each. He’s been the focal point of the Browns offense and is receiving rave reviews from his coaches and teammate.

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett had this to say when NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero asked about the Cowboys trading the receiver to Cleveland:

“I’m glad they did it. I mean he’s been unbelievable, he’s one of the smartest, hardest-working players I’ve ever worked with, comes out here every week, every day working hard, putting in the work and it’s just a pleasure to play with him. I know that he wants to just continue to keep this going.”

Jacoby Brissett is grateful to Cowboys for trading Amari Cooper to Browns

That sound you hear in the background is Cowboys fans lamenting the trade after watching their own offense flounder with and without Dak Prescott. With Michael Gallup dealing with injury, no receiver has really stepped up to fill the gap left by Cooper. Instead, he’s tearing it up with the Browns while Dallas struggles.

It’s a frustrating and somewhat predictable scenario. The idea of letting Cooper go in the first place wasn’t met with a ton of enthusiasm. Letting him go for such a paltry return made it all worse. It might have been okay if Dallas has gotten real value in return. Since they didn’t, this is all adding insult to injury.

The Cowboys can’t get Cooper back at this point, so they have to make due with what they have and try to put the receiver’s success in Cleveland out of mind.

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