Is Bryce Young trying to boost his height at NFL Combine?

Alabama quarterback and short king Bryce Young is one of the most talked about draft prospects in 2023 because of his height, and he may be trying something new to add on a few inches.

If there’s one thing guys are insecure about on dating apps, it’s their height. (This is a PG article). If there’s one thing football prospects are insecure about ahead of the NFL Draft, it’s their hand size… and their height.

The biggest splash at the 2023 NFL Draft will be Alabama quarterback Bryce Young, who amateur and die-hard football fans alike recognize as “that short guy.”

For many teams, Young will simply be undraftable given his puny height: Alabama listed him as a suspicious 6-foot and 194 pounds. Were they reaching? Saturday’s official combine measurements will reveal the truth.

On a dating app, the difference of, say, half an inch, could determine whether a guy gets a date or gets ghosted. We’re still talking about height here. For football, the difference arguably matters much more, and that’s why Bryce Young may be trying everything in his power to add millimeters to his final measured height.

Whole milk, those medieval torture contraptions, old-fashioned praying, and yes, even the equivalent of high heels for women: lifted sneakers.

Alabama’s Bryce Young channels his inner Tom Cruise at NFL Combine

For all we know, this is PR control. After Young was spotted walking next to Michigan tight end Luke Schoonmaker at the start of the combine, making Young look like a bug compared to Schoonmaker’s mammoth frame, Young’s agent may be resorting to sneaky measures.

When Young gets officially measured at the NFL Combine, though, all attempts to make him look taller will be futile. Teams will know exactly what kind of quarterback they’re getting in Young — a good one, but a short one.

The Chicago Bears are leaving the door just slightly ajar for Young, who projects to be a first-round pick in spite of his petite size.

Since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, 172 quarterbacks have started at least 50 games and only 11 of them were 6-foot or shorter, according to The Ringer’s Ben Solak. Young finds himself in pretty great company with the likes of Kyler Murray, Michael Vick, Russell Wilson, and Drew Brees, yet all those guys started from the bottom with a glaring disadvantage and worked their way up into the upper echelons of quarterbacks. Make no mistake, a short quarterback enjoying a successful NFL career goes against the grain of the modern NFL, and Young will be stepping onto the field for his future team with many already writing him off.

Young is the very definition outlier, no matter what kind of shoes he wears and no matter how many midgets his agent hires to walk next to him. He knows it. Everybody knows it.

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