How Much Is Former Cleveland Browns QB Worth in 2023?

With the new Netflix documentary titled “Untold: Johnny Football” now out and being streamed worldwide, many eyes in the sports community are now focused on Johnny Manziel once again. With Manziel’s fame came a lot of struggle as well as Johnny had trouble navigating overnight celebrity status and the spotlight that comes with being a young phenom quarterback that had just won the Heisman Trophy.

Manziel found himself around musicians, actors, and other famous athletes. As a result of trying to balance football on the field with rock-star recognition, Manziel found himself in a downward spiral that severely damaged and ultimately ended his football career after two disappointing NFL seasons.

Johnny Manziel’s Net Worth Has Been a Topic of Discussion

As of August 2023, Celebrity Net Worth estimates Manziel’s net worth at around $6 million. Most of Manziel’s fortune was earned through his NFL salary while playing for the Cleveland Browns after they drafted him in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft.

The way NFL rookie contracts are set up with guarantees and escalators factored in, it is reported that Manziel earned $7.7 million as a result of signing a four-year, $8.24 million rookie deal upon being drafted.

Johnny Manziel’s Post-NFL Life

Manziel’s last season in the NFL was in 2015, and he did not see a football field again until 2018, when he returned to a professional team setting north of the border as a member of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Canadian Football League. However, while a member of the Tiger-Cats, he did not see action in the team’s first six games. The Montreal Alouettes traded for Manziel, and that is where he was given another shot at being under center.

The game Manziel debuted in was against the team that traded him away, and it was anything but joyous for the former Texas A&M QB as he threw four interceptions in the first half en route to a 50-11 beat down.

While having another chance to play football, this stop did not last long as the league decided to cut ties with Manziel in 2019 due to missing several mandatory meetings set up by the league itself.

From there, Manziel continued his playing career in the States, signing on to join the Alliance of American Football League before later joining the newly created Fan Controlled Football League in late December 2020. While that lasted for a short time, we have yet to see Manziel in any type of football uniform since.

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