Former Steelers great calls for Kenny Pickett to start this week

Just two weeks into the regular season, the Steelers quarterback controversy has former players turned pundits weighing in.

Mitch Trubisky or Kenny Pickett? Experience or youth?

Trubisky hasn’t performed well through two weeks, and Pittsburgh’s offense is arguably one of the worst in football. Despite this, the Steelers were able to pull off a surprising road win against the Cincinnati Bengals to open the year thanks to their defense, but that did not translate to Week 2 success against the New England Patriots.

Trubisky’s throw chart is disgusting thus far, with the Steelers quarterback settling for short, check-down throws rather than taking any shots downfield. It’s a familiar look for this Pittsburgh offense, leading some to wonder if it’s a system issue rather than a quarterback problem.

Even Bill Cowher commented on Trubisky’s tendency to throw the ball before he should.

Former Steelers call for change at quarterback, including Rod Woodson

Earlier this week, Steelers great Rod Woodson appeared on the Rich Eisen Show and called for the team to start Pickett.

“I think they do still have some issues on the offensive line, but I would go with the young kid,” Woodson said. “He looked better in the preseason, Pickett played great, or good enough football. He’s a young player who can get rid of the football, they’re got a young receiving corps, they’ve got a young running back. Let them grow together.”

Pittsburgh’s offensive line is abysmal, so it’s easy to see where Mike Tomlin is coming from in starting Trubisky — if anyone can take the hits, it should be the veteran Trubisky, rather than the future face of the franchise.

In doing so, however, Tomlin will ensure Pittsburgh faces an insurmountable deficit by midseason. Offensively, this is not a system built to last.

“If they do that (start Pickett), it gives them a great opportunity, because they are built to win on defense, and I think they can be built to win on offense. They just need a person who can pull that trigger consistently well, and they haven’t had that — Ben struggled last year (so) they haven’t had that in several years at the QB position,” Woodson continued.

It is possible that Trubisky is receiving some unfair blame — it’s been only two weeks in a new system and with a bad offensive line. At what point do we finally place some blame on the first-time NFL offensive coordinator, rather than the players in said system?

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