Everything to know about Taylor Swift’s TNF appearance

Everything to know about Taylor Swift’s Thursday Night Football appearance.

On Oct. 20, Taylor Swift announced she would be releasing a teaser trailer for “Midnight” her 10th studio album during Thursday Night Football.

“If you tune into the Thursday Night Football game on Amazon Prime, I’m going to be showing a first look at the secret projects that I have been working on very hard for a very long time getting ready for the ‘Midnights’ album,” she said on an Instagram video. “And you would see it before the ‘Midnights’ album came out. So, meet me there?”


When is Taylor Swift dropping her ‘Midnight’ teaser song?

According to CBS Sports, the sneak peek will “be shown during a third-quarter ad break.” The full album releases at midnight Oct. 21, so you won’t have to wait too long if you like what you hear.

Is Taylor Swift performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

According to TMZ, Swift was asked to perform but she turned it down.

“Swift was approached months ago by SB honchos, asking if she’d headline. We’re told Taylor was clear … she didn’t want to perform until she finished rerecording all of her first 6 albums,” the outlet reported.

Where can I watch the Taylor Swift ‘Midnight’ teaser trailer?

The only place to watch the trailer live with everyone else is on Amazon Prime but if that isn’t an option we’ll have the video on FanSided shortly after the release.

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