Eagles O-line dropping hottest Christmas album of 2022

The Philadelphia Eagles are giving Mariah Carey some competition with a new Christmas album coming on December 23.

The Philadelphia Eagles are giving Mariah Carey some solid competition with a new Christmas album coming on December 23. Jason Kelce, Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson are coming together to show fans their talents extend beyond football and are giving a wonderful surprise for those that celebrate Christmas.

The album will include several covers of holiday classics that fans will love. Mariah Carey is usually in during the holiday season, but the Eagles may put her out for 2022.

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It’s a fun twist to the holiday season, and it’s been no surprise that Kelce and Mailata both have musical ability.

Eagles stars Jason Kelce and Jordan Mailata have showcased their musical ability before

Mailata and Kelce are both musically talented and don’t try to hide it. Mailata hid it for the purpose of the show, The Masked Singer, when he was a contestant in the spring as ‘the Thingamabob.’ However, he’s had no problem sharing his beautiful talent with his fans.

He sang some pretty iconic songs too, including ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ by Bon Jovi and ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran. He blew away the judges and the audience, and he’ll do the same in his Christmas album.

Kelce showcased his talent in a completely different way and performed the national anthem at a Philadelphia 76ers game in the spring. He also surprised many by his singing ability and his willingness to take on such a different role than he’s used to. He has great musical ability, but he wasn’t quite as open or confident about it as Mailata.

Johnson’s singing ability is a complete surprise, and the three will undoubtedly put together a fun album.

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