Drew Brees actually doesn’t suck as a TV commentator for once

Drew Brees gave an exciting recollection of a moment where Reggie Bush got trucked on the field as his teammate. Is he finally ready for the booth?

New Orleans Saints legend Drew Brees tried his hand at broadcasting during the 2021 NFL and college football season and it didn’t go swimmingly. Brees looked and sounded more uncomfortable at times than he did outside the pocket and it resulted in what appeared to be a very brief try at a new career.

Of course, when you’ve got sportsbook endorsements to fall back on and sponsorships galore, it makes it a lot easier to say ‘bye’ to things that aren’t working.

On Thursday night, Brees did show us something from the desk though, and it has us thinking maybe he could eventually give broadcasting another go.

Reggie Bush brought the best out of Drew Brees before Purdue game Thursday night

On the FOX pregame show for Penn State vs. Purdue, Drew Brees was a guest. Brees, who spent his college years as the man under center as a Boilermaker, was entertaining as ever. In the span of 30 seconds he showed us more football knowledge and excitement than he did week in and week out with NBC last year.

Asked about a moment where Reggie Bush got absolutely trucked, Brees channeled his inner LeBron and recalled the play call — as well as how the Saints went about countering it later in the game — with absolute mastery and photographic memory.

Brees admitted he didn’t see the threatening situation he put Bush in, but hilariously told him, “you took it like a champ!”

Apparently the recall of specific details is right in character for Brees which makes you wonder why he didn’t work out as a broadcaster:

Bush actually set it up wrong for Brees, which makes it even more impressive that he was able to recall so much information. Bush said it was the NFC Championship, when it was actually the divisional round game against the Eagles, which the Saints won by 3. Bush ran for a touchdown and 52 yards behind Deuce McCallister’s 143 yards and a TD.

The Saints would lose to the Bears in the NFC Championship and go on to face the Colts and Peyton Manning. A few years later the Saints would capture their first title in Super Bowl XLIV against Manning and the Colts.

Maybe Brees just needed the right guy beside him to help make him comfortable to get the best analysis out of him. Or, maybe he can just give color commentary on Saints highlights? Yeah, that could work.

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