Deshaun Watson wants Jalen Hurts to pay after breaking contract mark

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is happy his friend Jalen Hurts got his bag, but Watson has some receipts that need to be settled….

Cleveland Browns’ Deshaun Watson and Philadelphia Eagles’ Jalen Hurts are like two peas in a pod — when it comes to their historic contracts.

Watson changed the quarterback contract landscape forever after securing a fully guaranteed $230 million deal last offseason. This year, Hurts made himself the highest-paid player in league history by signing a five-year, $255 million deal, pocketing a league-high $51 million in average annual salary.

How did the NFL world react to the Hurts extension? Most congratulated both Hurts for securing his bag and the Eagles for retaining their franchise quarterback for the next half-decade.

Fellow quarterback Deshaun Watson chimed in and said he believes Hurts “deserves every penny” of the deal, and he also added the small tidbit that Hurts owes him dinner.

Deshaun Watson kept the receipts, wants Jalen Hurts to pay for dinner

Apparently, Watson paid for dinner last season when the Eagles played in Cleveland; now, Hurts owes Watson a meal the next time Watson is in Philly. It’s not about being petty, it’s more about the principle of the thing.

Both Watson and Hurts pose as young quarterbacks arguably still in their prime, despite Watson being a few years removed from his last productive NFL season.

Whereas Watson’s unique predicament forced the Browns’ hand and had Cleveland shelling out an unprecedented fully guaranteed deal, Hurts steadily worked his way up to the elite quarterback echelon and earned his reward.

Hurts getting drafted by the Eagles in 2020 elicited quite a few negative reactions from the Philly fanbase, but three years later, that noise has been drowned out by Hurts’ MVP-caliber play and the Eagles’ recent Super Bowl run.

The 24-year-old earned his first Pro Bowl in 2022 and registered career-highs in passing yards, touchdowns, and pass completion rate; with many members of his offense returning for next season, Hurts should see more success in his fourth year in the league and may feel some weight lifted off his shoulders now that’s he’s secured his long-term future.

Philly, the reigning NFC champs, won’t face the AFC North-last place Browns next year. But when the two teams do meet again, Watson will be waiting for that dinner.

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