DeAndre Hopkins spilled the beans on where he wants to be traded

Cards wideout DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t exactly have a lot of leverage right now and may not get traded at all. If he does leave, he already has one destination in mind.

The DeAndre Hopkins rumors refuse to stop this offseason. First, he’s speculated to join the Cowboys. Then the Patriots, or the Chiefs. Or maybe he’ll just stay put in Arizona.

So far, Hopkins has stayed mostly mum about his preferred destinations, save for one strange segment on CBS Sports when the Arizona Cardinals wideout used body language to express how he felt about joining certain teams. There goes Jets fans’ hopes and dreams.

In a recent report, however, one potential landing spot did come out of D-Hop’s mouth. Well, according to someone else, anyway.

Buffalo Bills pass-rusher Von Miller told reporters on Tuesday that he talks to D-Hop all the time since they both work out in the same gym.

To answer the question of where Hopkins himself wants to go, Miller says it’s Buffalo.

Miller said:

“You just never know until you know. Hop said he wanted to be a Buffalo Bill and you never know until you get that DeAndre Hopkins signature on a contract. I’m not sure what the circumstances are or what’s going on with that but I would love to see DeAndre Hopkins be here.”

An offense of Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Hopkins does sound pretty lethal.

Von Miller claims DeAndre Hopkins wants to join Buffalo Bills

And it’s not hard to see why Hopkins would want to join the Bills compared to say, the Jets or the Patriots. Sure, he’d have to transition to the colder weather and the much tougher AFC, but he’d get to work with Allen and Diggs and maybe even help make Buffalo serious Super Bowl contenders.

In March, Bills head coach Brandon Beane downplayed the heightened speculation over the team signing then-available wideout Odell Beckham Jr. or Hopkins. While the door for a Hopkins trade isn’t completely closed, there’s no telling if the Bills would meet the Cards’ reported asking price for the veteran receiver given the contract they would have to absorb and the second-round pick they would have to give up.

Right up there with the Bills is the Chiefs as an equally desirable destination for Hopkins. Hopkins hasn’t been talking to any Chiefs players as far as we know, but those two AFC juggernauts tend to go hand in hand.

Perhaps Hopkins’ future will clear up during draft weekend. Or not. His drawn-out trade saga has just been a giant “He said, she said” ordeal and there’s no end in sight.

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