Davante Adams stat shows just how much Aaron Rodgers misses him

After a strong performance by Davante Adams and a weak one by Aaron Rodgers in Week 1, the stats show how much the latter misses the former.

It’s only been one week, but signs and stats are beginning to show how much Aaron Rodgers is missing the reliability of Davante Adams.

Though Green Bay and Las Vegas fell to Minnesota and Los Angeles respectively, one of the two had a better game, and that happens to the former Packer who now is in Sin City with Derek Carr. Not convinced? Check the stats.

Adams had 141 yards, and the Green Bay Packers wide receiver core as a whole had less than 60. Let that sink in for a second. One man outscored the rest of the unit. Granted, this is similar to how life was when both Adams and Rodgers played together, but even though they are now far apart, Adams is still putting up said numbers. Impressive.

Aaron Rodgers is feeling the loss of Davante Adams

It’s only one week, but the optics look bad for Rodgers. Granted, playing without Adams against the Minnesota Vikings and their offensive firepower didn’t help, but then again, after all the drama in the offseason, you would expect No. 12 to come out and try to make some sort of statement.

But, it didn’t happen. Both players have their work cut out for them in tough divisions — Adams in the AFC West, and Rodgers in the NFC North.

Rodgers’ next opponent, the Bears, looks as if they have a score to settle. Sure, Rodgers does “own them,” but after what they did against the 49ers, it would be wise to be just a bit cautious about Chicago.

It would be far easier if Green Bay had Adams, but let’s see how it goes. For now, the advantage goes to the wide receiver.

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