Cowboys irresponsible quarterback moves put Dak Prescott at risk

In forming the final roster on Tuesday, the Dallas Cowboys made a move that will put Dak Prescott in a vulerable position.

As if Dak Prescott were not vulnerable enough going into this season with the Dallas Cowboys.

Most of the things that happened to the Cowboys roster over the last several months — self-inflicted or not — can be traced in the narrative surrounding Dak Prescott to create a picture that leaves him vulnerable and at risk of being able to take Dallas to the next level in the postseason without a herculean show of strength.

Prescott lost Amari Cooper in a trade to the Browns and Cedric Wilson to free agency. Then in training camp the Cowboys lost their left tackle, Tyron Smith, and the Cowboys failed to find a meaningful external replacement even with some options out there, meaning inexperienced young players will be vaulted up to protect Prescott’s blind side.

And on Tuesday prior to the 53-man roster deadline, the Cowboys made a move that will make Prescott and the Cowboys even more vulnerable.

Cowboys don’t have a backup to Dak Prescott to start the season

In addition to all of the above, Dak Prescott is going into the season with no insurance behind him in the depth chart. Prescott himself makes up the entire quarterback room, as the Cowboys made the decision to cut both Cooper Rush and Will Grier.

Presumably, the Cowboys will pick up a backup at some point early in the season, but the first iteration of the 53-man roster includes no backup QB. If Prescott were to suffer a minor injury, the Cowboys removed any luxury of caution they may have had if they enter a game with their current roster makeup.

The Cowboys can rectify this rather easily by signing another QB or elevating someone from the practice squad early in the season, but their reluctance to make any transactions to fill their need on the offensive line in the last week indicates they’re not too keen on making moves at this time.

For now, they’ve left Prescott in harm’s way. We’ll see how they choose to fix it.

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