Cowboys fans are right to worry about injury

Dallas Cowboys fans can finally relax, as quarterback Dak Prescott’s injury was apparently nothing to worry about long-term.

Prescott and Dallas take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to open the season on Sunday Night Football. It’s a tough draw for the Cowboys, who are already reeling along the offensive line with Tyron Smith out long-term.

An injury to Prescott — even a minor one in the grand scheme of things — has to be an issue if it impacts his mobility.

His new cleats reportedly bothered Prescott’s ankle in practice Thursday. However, Dak assured fans it’s nothing that will impact his status come Sunday night.

“I promise you I’m great,” Prescott said, per ESPN. “Just being very, very precautious. Switched shoes today, probably wasn’t the best idea. We’re good to go. Promise that.”

Dak Prescott injury history: Should Cowboys fans be concerned?

As much as we appreciate Prescott’s confidence, Dallas sports fans have every right to be worried about an injury to their star quarterback. The Cowboys go as Prescott does, which is why it was such a big deal when his left tackle was injured long-term. Protecting Prescott — currently Dallas’ No. 1 asset — is the front office’s job.

Prescott reiterated that the injury is a minor one, but that he had no choice but to mention it to the Cowboys training staff as a precaution.

“That’s this league, and if you don’t report a hangnail, you’ll get suspended or they’ll get fined, excuse me,” Prescott said. “But, no, I feel great. I still feel the best that I’ve felt in a very, very long time. Not even comparable to where I was last year going into this game. Honestly, just excited and ready for Sunday to get here.”

Dak is just a few years removed from a severe knee injury, and suffered a latissimus strain last year. It’s Week 1, and fans are already on alert? It could be a stressful season in Dallas.

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