Browns epically blow lead and lose to the Jets: Best memes, tweets

The Cleveland Browns had a 30-17 lead over the New York Jets with under two minutes remaining. They lost 31-30, and were relentlessly trolled by Twitter users.

The Cleveland Browns looked to be on the verge of improving their record to 2-0 on the season. With less than two minutes remaining in regulation, the Browns extended their lead to 30-17 after a touchdown run by Nick Chubb. The Browns were unable to make the extra point to give them a two touchdown cushion.

That ultimately backfired for Cleveland, as the Jets made the comeback of all comebacks, picking up the 31-30 win. Everything that could go wrong for the Browns, did go wrong for the Browns, and let’s just say they did not get much sympathy from Twitter users.

Browns roasted on Twitter after blowing lead and losing to Jets

After the Chubb touchdown, Cleveland had a 99.9-percent probability of winning the game. How could they fumble the win away?

Well on the ensuing drive, Cleveland’s defense had blown coverage, leaving wide receiver Corey Davis wide open deep downfield, allowing quarterback Joe Flacco to hit him for the easy touchdown and to cut their deficit to 30-24.

With less than a minute and a half remaining, the Jets attempted an onside kick, which the Browns were unable to recover. After the football fumbled around a bit, New York recovered and kept their hopes alive.

Flacco utilized short passes to work their way into Cleveland territory, and finished off the drive with a 15-yard touchdown pass to rookie Garrett Wilson. An extra point conversion later, the Jets were ahead 31-30.

With a little bit of time remaining, Cleveland quarterback Jacoby Brissett attempted to bring the offense into field goal range. Instead, he threw an interception that sealed the victory for the Jets.

What a way for the Jets to win their first game of the season, and what a way for the Browns to lose their first game of the campaign. Twitter had no sympathy for Cleveland.

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