Broncos tab Anthony Harris as potential Justin Simmons replacement

With Justin Simmons likely heading to IR, the Denver Broncos hope that former Eagles and Vikings standout Anthony Harris can be a suitable replacement. 

The Denver Broncos will likely be without All-Pro safety Justin Simmons for an extended period and need to find a replacement for his services.

As such, they turned to former Eagles and Vikings safety Anthony Harris, who was signed to the Broncos practice squad on Wednesday with the possibility of ultimately being elevated to the 53-man roster.

This decision would be a good move in some areas because Harris has played safety before and been a quality starter in Philadelphia and Minnesota. Harris had his best season as a pro with the Vikings in 2019, collecting six interceptions.

The Broncos are signing safety Anthony Harris

After the disaster in Seattle, coupled with the loss of Justin Simmons, the hopes for a Super Bowl championship for the Denver Broncos took a slight turn downward. Moreover, they need help all across the board. That includes the defense, which was among the best in the NFL last season despite inefficiency from Denver’s offense.

The heavy investment in Russell Wilson was made due to inefficiency at the quarterback position. Now, it comes down to him takin them over the top and the rest of the roster falling in place behind them. With Simmons out, there is a gaping hole in the back end that needs to be filled.

Denver is hoping that Anthony Harris, with his experience and resume can at least come in and not crash the car. All he has to do is not strip the gears and keep it in control until Simmons gets back. There’s a good side, and there’s a bad side, and Denver is hoping for the former to come to fruition.

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