Bills mafia is getting ready for LA season opener with $24K worth of beer

The Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia are heading to LA with a heavy stash of beer, looking to make a strong statement. 

The Buffalo Bills are Super Bowl contenders, which means Bills Mafia is hyped. They visit LA next week for the opener while bringing a big beverage. $24K of beer, to be exact.

And not just any beer: Labatt Blue Light. Along with Tim Horton’s and 6-foot snowstorms, this is one of those shared experiences that only Western New Yorkers and Canadians can truly understand.

Did any tables make the journey, ketchup, mustard, or hot dogs? Whatever the case is, it’s clear that the mafia is ready to take over and finally make the big push needed for a Super Bowl title.

The Los Angeles Rams are the defending champions, while the Bills haven’t made it to the big show since going four consecutive times in the 90s, losing to the Giants, the then-Redskins, and twice to the Cowboys.

The Buffalo Bills and Bills mafia look to stay hydrated and rowdy for their Week One matchup against the defending champions.

Buffalo has a star-studded roster headlined by quarterback Josh Allen, defensive end Von Miller, wide receiver Stefon Diggs, and defensive back Tre’Davious White. They have a big test in the opener in a matchup that could very well be the same matchup in February in Arizona.

But given how the AFC will be a tough challenge in and of itself, the Bills stealing one on opening night could go a long way into determining their playoff fortunes. Meanwhile, the Rams aren’t exactly out of the woods in the NFC, with teams like Tampa Bay, San Francisco, and Green Bay looking to make noise along with Dallas and Philadelphia.

Nonetheless, an ice-cold beer is precisely what Bills mafia will need as they take on the defending champions to start a new season. They may need to crack open more depending on the outcome of the game, one they hope gives them a victory to start a new season in which they wish to be the last team standing.

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