Bears legend Dick Butkus throws more shade at Aaron Rodgers, Packers

It’s football season, which means Chicago Bears legend Dick Butkus will throw shade at the Green Bay Packers on a weekly basis.

Butkus is a Hall of Famer for a reason, and his opinion is a qualified one.

However, Butkus has a very clear Bears-centric lens with which he looks at the NFL landscape. That Bears bias also happens to be an anti-Packers leaning, as well. Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers, essentially a Bears part-owner at this stage, is one of his least-favorite players.

The Packers-Bears rivalry lives on through Butkus. On the playing surface, Green Bay and Rodgers dominate routinely. Off of it, Butkus lets his Twitter fingers do the talking.

That continued during the preseason, when Butkus threw more shade in Rodgers direction.

Does Dick Butkus make a good point about the Packers, Aaron Rodgers?

Typically, the immediate answer to this question is a resounding “no” due to the issues pointed out above. However, let’s put some respect on Butkus’s name.

The Hall of Famer makes a good point in some respects — Rodgers will be with a new receiving corps. It’s likely that there will be some bumps in the road.

Rodgers, who didn’t play this preseason, will have to get used to his new receivers. Adams was his primary target for years, and perhaps a major reason why he won back-to-back NFL MVPs in 2020 and 2021. This season will pose a challenge Rodgers has had to face previously — adjusting to new skill-position players.

The depth chart is filled with young, unproven talent, as well as a few familiar veterans. Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb remain. Sammy Watkins is new to town. Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs have made plenty of preseason noise, but we’ll see if that amounts to regular-season targets, or if Rodgers prefers to throw to those he knows best.

The smart money is on Rodgers figuring it out, but Butkus hopes otherwise.

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