Andrew Whitworth dispels rumors of Dallas interest

The Dallas Cowboys will be without former All-Pro tackle Tyron Smith until at least December, if they’re lucky. In his steed, they need a replacement.

The internal answer to replace Smith appears to be Connor McGovern, but Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to be inclined to go that route. First-round draft choice Tyler Smith could also receive the first opportunity.

Yet, Pro Football Talk reported that Dallas put a call into Andrew Whitworth, based on his comments during Thursday night’s Amazon broadcast.

“I mean, obviously, there’s been some things with the Cowboys and losing Tyron Smith. It’s just an awful deal. Such a great player, and a guy I’ve always loved watching play. It’s been a busy day of answering calls. The problem is they’re calling and texting the wrong person. They need to be texting and calling Melissa Whitworth and the kids, because they have final approval on whether I’m ever going to play football again,” Whitworth said, per Pro Football Talk.

However, did Whitworth actually say he received a call from the Cowboys? Uh, not so fast.

Keep dreaming, Cowboys fans.

Cowboys: Andrew Whitworth is not an option

Whitworth is on the wrong side of 40, and at this point it appears his playing days are over with. He ended his career on top, winning a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams.

So, where should Dallas turn next? Jones and the front office have some external options to choose from, per Matt Verderame:

“The options on the market are headlined by Eric Fisher, who has played nine seasons including eight with the Kansas City Chiefs and then 2021 with the Indianapolis Colts, coming off a torn Achilles tendon. Fisher struggled in Indy at times, but he remains a serviceable option.”

Fisher is the best tackle available, but at that point, why not just rely on Smith? He may be a rookie, but Tyler Smith did draw rave reviews coming out of the scouting combine. In training camp, he’s shown flashes as well.

He may be a rookie, but in this case, he’s next man up.

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