Alternate angle of wild Patrick Mahomes TD makes it even more impressive (Video)

If you were impressed by Patrick Mahomes’ incredible spinning dump-off touchdown against the Bucs, just wait until you see the alternate angle.

Patrick Mahomes was on another level against the Bucs on Sunday Night Football.

There were other memorable highlights, but no play exemplified his performance more than his two-yard touchdown pass to Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

Mahomes evaded a pass rusher right off the bat, scrambling out right and then putting another defender through a spin cycle before flipping the ball to the running back in the back of the endzone.

The play had NFL Twitter in rapture but the alternate angle of the score makes it even more impossible-looking.


Alternate angle of wild Patrick Mahomes TD makes it even more impressive

Seriously, how did he do that?

It’s tough to imagine any other quarterback in the NFL today or yesterday pulling that off. Mahomes is one of a kind thanks to plays exactly like that.

That was Mahomes’ second touchdown pass of the night. It would not be his last. He hit Jody Fortson from 10 yards out in the third quarter to put his Chiefs up 38-17 over the Bucs and their vaunted defense.

Kansas City’s performance on offense was a huge statement. They had been stifled by Tampa Bay in the past. This time they had an answer for everything. Tom Brady and the Bucs offense couldn’t keep up.

Mahomes is now the quickest player to pass for 20,000 yards in NFL history. He’s also made sure people don’t forget about him in this year’s MVP race. Doing that to one of the best defenses in the NFL is definitely a resumé builder.

This performance was especially important coming off a frustrating loss to the Colts. The Chiefs aren’t going away that easy, that’s for sure.

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