Aaron Rodgers favorite target provides hilarious injury update on himself

New York Jets wide receiver Allen Lazard, who is a good friend of Aaron Rodgers, had a rough go of it on Tuesday at OTA’s.

What initially looked to be serious injuries suffered by Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard of the New York Jets, actually turned out to be quite simple.

Rodgers suffered a minor calf injury, and is still enjoying the beginning of his Jets career despite that.

“Every day I wake up excited about coming to the facility,” Rodgers said. “Now the commute being two minutes really helps. Just rolling out of bed and heading to the facility is nice.”

Rodgers’ buddy from his Green Bay days, wide receiver Allen Lazard, also suffered an injury on Tuesday. His was a laughing matter.

Well, Lazard may not be able to have children anytime soon, but besides that, disaster averted!

Jets: Aaron Rodgers, Allen Lazard are fine after injury scares

Rodgers wanted to make an early impression on his new teammates, which is why he attended OTA’s in the first place. The future Hall of Famer made a habit of skipping those late in his Green Bay career.

As I wrote yesterday, Rodgers knows this may be his last, best chance at winning a Super Bowl:

“The reason OTAs is optional, especially for players like Rodgers, is that they often don’t have to take part in on-field activities if they’d rather not risk injury. In Rodgers experience, that’s largely been the case, especially towards the tail end of his career in Green Bay.

This Jets team, though, is largely reliant on Rodgers production at the QB position. They are literally a quarterback away from making a postseason run. That’s a lot of pressure, and thus far the Jets have catered to Rodgers every need.”

Thankfully, both Rodgers and Lazard are fine and expected to be out a few weeks at most. However, it’s a nice reminder for both that they aren’t as young as they used to be.

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