3 strangest players we ever saw in a San Francisco 49ers uniform

San Francisco 49ers

Randy Moss #84 of the San Francisco 49ers. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

The San Francisco 49ers have a legendary history. This has led star players to finish their careers in California. It doesn’t always work out. 

Fans of the San Francisco 49ers are blessed. Since Y.A. Tittle was under center in the 1950s, they’ve had a string of legendary quarterbacks — Joe Montana, Steve Young, and John Brodie among them. There really isn’t any strange quarterback on the roster in its history. Even with so many recent injuries, they never called on a former star to take over at the most important position.

However, the 49ers have had plenty of strange players at other positions. Especially on offense, there have been players joining the 49ers to get one final chance at greatness for decades. Sometimes it works, but more times than not, it fails terribly.

Strangest San Francisco 49ers of all time: 3. Randy Moss

This one is pretty recent, but it still probably slipped everyone’s minds. Randy Moss went on a very strange twilight of his career after he was traded to the New England Patriots. Remember when he went back to the Minnesota Vikings? And then he went to the Tennessee Titans? After those two failures, Moss retired from the game of football.

A full year later, Moss announced he wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye. He worked out for Jim Harbaugh, and he signed with the 49ers for one last run. It was the right decision, as he played in a Super Bowl again.

Moss finished the season with 434 yards in the regular season, and he caught two balls in the Super Bowl against the Baltimore Ravens. It wasn’t the worst final chapter, but for a guy who used to drive defenses crazy, it was odd seeing Moss on the sidelines most of the time.

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